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Today’s Woman Crush Wednesday goes out to this fashionista with a philanthropic flare!  Tory Burch was born in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. She is the chairman, CEO, and designer of Tory Burch LLC. She is also the founder of the Tory Burch Foundation, which supports women in America by giving them small-business loans and providing them with entrepreneurial education. Girl power! She is also a member of the board of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Keep that positive energy flowing Tory!


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  1. Ilene says:

    There are also direct ways to help women subsidize their lives and healthcare for metastatic breast cancer and other cancers by shopping through their businesses. My online Etsy shop, YeuxDeux Vintage, provides me with some of the assistance I need for things like copays for Ibrance and general living expenses. Plus, vintage and antique wears and wearables are good for our environment, keeping new manufacturing and pollutants down, perhaps not by much, but any less waste and pollutant byproducts of the fashion industry is good. So I say, buy good, do good. (I donate 10% of my eBay income to a local program in Northern California through – the Cancer Help Program. Check it out. The food is excellent and the cookbook the Cancer-Fighting Kitchen was written by Rebecca Katz some of whose recipes were borne of the CHP and it’s staff and participants.)

    Thanks to all the companies and people who decided that some profit could help through non-profits and benefit as many people as possible. And thanks for bringing this to my attention. Now if I could just afford a little Tory Burch not from a consignment shop!

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