Fabulous looks great on you!

IMG_0477  Let’s get real and honest. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and felt fabulous? When was the last time you looked at all your curves, lumps, bumps, and belly slumps and Really said to yourself, “I am Fabulous!”  I am willing to bet it’s been a while if ever you have muttered those words to yourself.

So let me indulge you in some insight I have learned the hard way.

Feeling Fabulous is not one size fits all.  Let me repeat – Feeling Fabulous is NOT one size fits all.

So how do we get there? How do we feel fabulous? Well my beautiful warrior friends, this is where we need to get real clear and honest with ourselves.  What makes me feel beautiful and fabulous is not what will make you feel the same, and vise versa.

I love to put a full face of makeup on, maybe a great pair of heels and some jeans with my Michael Kors purse and I feel like a million dollars. For anyone of you, you may feel empowered by wearing a pair of leggings and a comfy shirt with a great lip color and feel like you can concur the world. Living Fabulously is about how you feel from the inside out and that looks different for everyone.

Moving beyond the outer and truly getting to the heart of what truly makes you feel fabulous is what I am striving to articulate.

For years I have been working on myself to truly understand the workings of my own mind. How I can flip the negative self talk switch and turn on the Fabulousness.  For me I have had to learn my own triggers and be my own cheerleader.

I have made lists of things, people and places I am grateful for. I have made lists of the things I can do for others to raise them up and create a community of Fabulous Fighters.  I have made lists of all the things that make me feel my own personal best.  While creating lists and lists one thing repeats itself and one thing will ring true for you as well. We are all trying our best to be a better human being. We are all striving to feel and look and be fabulous. We are all striving to love ourselves more, to accept all our flaws more, to truly appreciate who we are.

The truth is it doesn’t matter how many lists we make, Fabulous looks different and has a different meaning for everyone. But it all starts from within.

I am Challenging you to look beyond the physical and go deeper. I challenging you to start your Fabulous journey with the internal workings of your own inner thoughts. Start loving the person you are.  We are all a work in progress but recognizing the amazing human you are now is the start to a fabulous future.


All my love to you Fabulous Fighters,



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