In a Back to School State of Mind

And just like that, the lazy days of summer are over and we are once again cast into the hectic world of back to school, sports, activities, open houses, etc.  Many of us are adjusting to new routines and psychologically dealing with the already noticeably less hours of sunlight each day.  In order to be your best self and not get completely overwhelmed with the craziness of it all, take some time to sit still and just think.

I know, I know, how on earth are you supposed to just sit still?  Get up 5 minutes earlier, got to bed 5 minutes later, get to work 5 minutes earlier, or if you need to, use your time in the shower.  During these 5 precious minutes try these exercises to boost your mood and decrease stress.

Back to school 2.jpgStart by taking a few deep and rejuvenating breaths: breathe in for 5 counts, hold for 5, exhale for 5, repeat at least 3 more times.  Next spend a thirty seconds to a moment thinking about what you are grateful for today.  If there is a hectic day ahead or a looming challenge, offer gratitude for the best outcome, visualizing exactly how you would like to be.  During the next thirty seconds to a minute tell yourself why you are proud of you.  What have you done that you are proud of? What progress have you made?  Celebrate the small accomplishments, not just the big ones.  Taking this 5 minutes should be part of the accomplishments you celebrate.  Lastly, take a moment to visualize your ideal day, see all of the things unfold before you as if you are watching a movie of your life.  Feel the emotions that go with the love, laughter and joy that will come during your ideal day with the ideal outcome to all situations throughout the day.  Take a few more deep breaths, and off you go to conquer your day!


Back to school 2.jpg


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