Which side do you choose?

“I think therefore I am” – Renee Descartes.  Really, we think and create what we are.  You have heard it before, and it still rings true – we are what we think we are.

Think you can’t – you are correct.

Think you can – you are correct.

Think that you have bad luck – you do.

Think that you are grateful for all that has happened – you are.

Think that you can achieve your dreams – you will.

The choice is yours.   Here is a concrete picture of a growth mindset (you can and will make anything happen) vs a fixed mindset (you will remain in the same place, with the same patterns and will not achieve those goals without a shift in mindset).  The most beautiful thing is that you get to choose at any moment, which side you are on.  It doesn’t matter where you have been up to this point, in the very next moment you can decide to make the change. You are in complete control.

Growth or Fixed mindset


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