Is it true? We are what we eat?

You are what you eat.pngFor our last myth busting adventure we are going to tackle the age old adage – You are what you eat.  I don’t know about you, but I have yet to see someone turn into a french fry after eating a bucket full of those golden brown tasty morsels.  This, however, is not really what the statement means.  You see, we will not outwardly transform into what we eat, but the very fiber of our being will be made up of what we eat.

What did you eat yesterday?  How does what you ate look as your new heart, liver and skin?  Every day we lose around 300 billion cells to aging and our bodies must replace those cells.  What are the building blocks of those cells?  The nutrients that we eat of course.  Eating “clean”, or minimally processed foods, is about so much more than maintaining or achieving a healthy weight.  Whole foods are far more nutrient dense than highly processed foods; nutrients that our body needs to replace those 300 billion cells daily.

Our bodies are constantly regenerating, replacing the old inferior cells and tissue with new cells and tissue composed of nutrients from what we have eaten.  In some cases this regeneration takes a few days, in other cases a few months to a few years.  It is possible to eat poorly (highly processed foods) for a year or so before truly feeling and seeing the deterioration in overall health for this reason.

In a world where even our whole foods are become less nutrient dense, and we are bombarded by over 200 toxins daily, eating “clean” is more important now than ever.  Give your body the right tools, and it is amazing what it can do to repair, replenish and heal itself.


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