An Amazing Ride

As a part of this “month in the life” of a 13 year breast cancer fighter, I wanted to share with you what my day to day looks like as a Boss Babe and FAB-EO of two companies.  Today I want to offer a brief overview of where we have come from.

In January 2016 Fabulously Fighting, LLC was founded to create a way to offer IMG_0366inspiration, information and a community of support focused on helping people live their best life possible despite any adversity they may be facing.

May 2016 the Fabulously Fighting website was created.  I had been writing as a form of coping with living with cancer and I wanted to start to share those words with others.  I wanted to create an online community of support for warriors and their families around the world.

July 2016 the finished draft of Fabulously Fighting: living with cancer through love, laughter and honesty was submitted for editing.  The writing process had been tough emotionally, reliving memories that I had tried to move past.  The excitement at sharing my story and hopefully helping even one person far outweighed the emotional yuckiness, however.

August 12 2016 we released the ebook Cancer is What I Have Not Who I Am on Amazon as a compilation of some of my earliest blog writing.

August 2016 Dave and I traveled to Las Vegas where I was the keynote speaker at The National Oncology Conference.

November 2016 the first edition of Fabulously Fighting: Living with cancer through love, laughter and honesty was printed and made available for purchase.

March 2017 I was named the National Association of Professional Women’s Woman of the Year and I got to meet with Star Jones at the conference.

April 2017 I was crowned Miss Pink and formed the most rewarding bonds with my fellow pink warriors.  I would spend the year being an ambassador for The Miss Pink program and would help to raise funds in support of pink warriors in need.

May 2017 I stood on the field at Fenway Park and sang the National Anthem for the Mother’s Day Red Sox game.

Spring/Summer of 2017 we kicked off the New England Barnes and Noble book tour of Fabulously Fighting.

August 2017 I had the honor of being interviewed by Sue Tabb of MAGIC radio on her Exceptional Women program

September 2017 I was interviewed and featured in Raw Food Magazine

October 2017 was very busy (being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all):

  • I was a featured speaker for an Empowering Women Panel in NYC
  • Dave and I were on center field at Gillette Stadium for the Patriots Crucial Catch game
  • I was interviewed for Little in NYC
  • I became a member of the Women’s Choice Awards Blogger Board
  • We began international book contract negotiations with 23 different countries

November 2017 I was featured in Reader’s Digest

December 2017 I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Julie Kramer on Indie617 for a food segment and we wowed her with our Raw-kin Blueberry Pie

January 2018 Born of Fire Publishing, Inc. was established (more to come on this later in the month)

February 2018 I was interviewed in Boston Voyager and featured on

March 2018 I was named and interviewed as a Bad Ass Chick on AMP radio by dj and morning talk show host Loren

Early Spring 2018 I was the keynote speaker at the Temple Emanuel Empowering Women’s annual event.

Spring 2018 the 2nd edition of Fabulously Fighting was released under the Born of Fire label.

May 2018 I had an article featured on the National Cancer Survivor’s Day website

August 2018 I placed as the USA Ambassador National Pageant 1st runner up.  I wanted to prove to myself and to fellow warriors that despite how cancer can ravage our bodies, we are still beautiful, confident, intelligent women with lots of value to offer.

September 2018 I was named Danvers Community Access Television’s Most Inspirational

November 2018 I will be a member of the Be Strong and Courageous Women’s Table Talk in CT

By December 31 2018 the second edition of Fabulously Fighting will be in all 723 Barnes and Noble stores and 23 countries.

This is just the beginning…..


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