Real Life Superhero

Throughout this “Month in the Life of Me” I want to highlight some of the relationships that have helped to keep me going.  This disease is something that no one should have to go thru alone and the love and support that comes out of connection and community is one of the primary reasons I created Fabulously Fighting.  Often, as cancer fighters, our support network stays in the background, quietly boosting, and sometimes holding us up as we receive recognition from well-wishers.  This month I would like to spotlight some of my support network and celebrate just how much they mean to me on this journey.  First up, my amazing husband Dave.


In 2005 when the diagnosis bomb of Breast Cancer was dropped in our lap, Dave was the first one to cry with me, to hold me, to tell me it was going to be ok, and to let me know he was going to be with me through it all. His promises have never been broken. Thirteen years later I can still count on him for a shoulder to cry on, a laugh to make my day brighter, and always the encouragement that I can beat this. Dave is not only my husband but he is my best friend. The relationship we share is that of give and take, laughter and tears, and the pure admiration for one another. To me he is a real life superhero – my Superman.


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