On a Mission

IMG_1545A tribe of fabulous fighters living their best, possible lives despite any adversity, that is what I set out to create when this website was launched in 2016.  I never imagined the friendships and bonds that would form, the thousands of messages that would be sent, or just how much my story would impact others facing adversity.  Every day I receive numerous messages of encouragement and requests for more information or support from fellow fighters.  I don’t keep regular office hours, often responding to and chatting with these fighters late into the evening.  Dave will often look at me, and question what I am doing while we are hanging out or watching tv as I am on my phone.  I respond “working”, but I am not generally writing, marketing or researching content.  I am most often messaging with numerous warriors, the majority of whom I have not met in person, offering whatever support, encouragement and guidance my over thirteen year journey can provide.

Join Dave and I tonight LIVE on Facebook as we talk about these amazing relationships and messages that have helped to shape our journey.


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