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Oh The Things We Will Do

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about how I am approaching my treatment as a thirteen Chemo bagyear, metastatic Breast Cancer Fighter.  I am not a fan of chemotherapy.  Take a drug that will kill everything in my body, and maybe the cancer too?  Ugh.  In reality though, it is chemotherapy that has been helping to keep my tumors at bay and from spreading any further.  At one time, I pulled myself off of chemo and pursued a purely holistic approach to healing myself.  For some time, this worked, but eventually, I had to go back onto chemo to control the spreading.  I believe that there is something to be said about the marriage of traditional and non traditional treatment methods.

The subject of chemotherapy is a sensitive one for me.  There are a lot of emotions wrapped up in taking those pills every day.  I do not like poisoning myself.  I do not like how chemo makes me feel.  I do not like the side effects of chemo.  I do, however, like keeping cancer at bay and living a longer life despite living with cancer.

Green Mountain CBD.jpgSomething I started doing to help minimize the side effects of daily, oral chemotherapy is medical marijuana and CBD capsules.  Now, I feel I must put this out there – until trying this, I had never smoked a day in my life.  I had never tried marijuana in high school or college.  As you can imagine, this smoking thing was pretty foreign to me.  Early on, I was on a road trip with my Executive Side Chick Jodi and I forgot my lighter.  Jodi, who had been a Resident Assistant in college and as a result had a little more experience with marijuana, offered to get me matches or a lighter at the gas station across the street from the hotel.  I responded that I didn’t think they would have what I need and Jodi responded that of course they have lighters!  I questioned it again, stating I really didn’t think they would have what I need.  It was at that moment that I learned that I had been using a grill lighter instead of a standard bic lighter.  Sure enough, the gas station had lighters and I was able to get some relief that evening. You are probably laughing, as was she, but this was how foreign smoking was to me.

The relief medical marijuana along with the CBD regiment has given me has been a Med Marijuana.jpggame changer. Not only in helping ease the side effects from chemotherapy, but also for easing the pain from “Larry” the brain tumor, along with lupus flares.  At first, I was resistant, not wanting to utilize a substance that so many use for recreational purposes.  I was afraid of the example I was setting for my daughter, but then I realized, what better example than to show her how beneficial something like CBD and medicinal marijuana can be when used responsibly.

Everything in this life is a choice and each cancer warrior must choose the course of treatment that is going to be the best fit for them and their journey.  I have chosen to combine traditional and non traditional methods along with vitamin supplementation, essential oils and a vegan and raw lifestyle.  These are the right choice for me, but you must decide what is best for you.  The freedom to choose, what an amazing thing.






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