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A daughters love can heal all wounds

This week I am continuing to spotlight some of my support network and celebrate just how much they mean to me on this journey. This weeks spotlight and the light of my life is my amazing daughter, Mackenzie.

Mackenzie was born in 2004 and my diagnosis came just a year later.  Her life was changed along with all of ours the day of diagnosis, she only knows a mother who lives battling cancer. For a long time that weighed heavily on my mind. But Mackenzie has been a ray of light, a strong soul, and everyday is the reason I fight so hard.

Mackenzie is one of the greatest gifts of my life. On days when I feel inadequate, unworthy, or that cancer is beating me down, she can always bring a smile to my face and pure joy to my heart.  I am blessed to be her mom and witness the amazing things she accomplshes everyday. To watch her grown into a poised, articulate, talented young lady helps me fight harder. Thank you Mackenzie for bringing so much love, laughter, and light into or life.


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