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Last week I talked about CBD oil, medicinal marijuana and chemotherapy as part of my Essential Oils 2healing regimen.  Today I want to highlight two other techniques I use as part of my holistic healing routine.  We have posted quite a bit here on Fabulously Fighting about different uses for essential oils.  There is a lot of detailed info on the schedule I follow and how the oils work in this article from January of 2017.  Every day I use a blend of frankincense, CBD, clove, grapefruit, lemon and lavender oils – a recipe that was provided to me by a holistic practitioner.

In addition to a daily routine and blend designed to target cancer cells, I also use essential oils throughout the day in the diffuser, topically, and in my water.  Here is one recipe that has come in handy especially with my recent escalation of headaches from Larry (the metastatic brain tumor), a low white blood cell count and my lupus flares.  DIY Essential Oil Pain Relief – The Morphine Bomb  You can also find a bunch of other helpful essential oil recipes and uses by searching “essential oils” on this site.

The other holistic technique I wanted to discuss was the Soqi bed.  Using far infrared technology, the Soqi bed helps increase your circulation, allows the release of toxins from cells, increases relaxation, decreases tension, and reduces pain and inflammation. You can find more helpful information here: Do you Soqi?

Soqi BedYou can also check this video 10 Hour SOQI bed protocol which recaps one of the times I spent 10 hours straight in the Soqi bed (minus 15 minute hydration, food and bathroom breaks every hour or so).

Ultimately your health and healing journey is yours and in no way am I recommending that you do any of these things.  Instead, I want to continue to share everything that I am doing to help paint a complete picture of what 13 years with MBC looks like for me and my family.


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