Born Of Fire

Today on our little behind the scenes of Fabulously Fighting I am going to share with you why a 13 year Metastatic Breast Cancer fighter started a publishing company.  When I finally committed to writing Fabulously Fighting I did some research and knew that self publishing was the way to go.  I shopped around with some different publishing companies and settled on Dewey Skrewum & How (DSH for short and no, this is not their real name).

In July of 2016 the final manuscript was handed into DSH for editing.  As a self publishing author, your retain the rights to your story, and purchase services from the publisher.  This, in addition to royalties on the book is how they make their money.   DSH seemed more concerned about selling me packages than actually getting my book published, but it did seem like the ball was rolling.  We were told the book would launch in time for October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  As October got closer, we were then told that it really wouldn’t be til November, and DSH blamed the printer/distributor (you will start to notice a pattern here).

In November of 2016 the first edition of Fabulously Fighting was released and we were thrilled!  It was on Amazon, Barnes and Noble.com and was eligible to be in all of the Barnes and Noble stores.  DSH started to send us sales reports and we were thrilled that we were starting to create an income by helping others.  Fast forward a few months and the sales reports stopped coming, the quarterly check was sent missing a couple of zeros, DSH wasn’t really returning our calls and we had no idea what was going on.

International contracts were starting to come in, something DSH did do was list Fabulously Fighting in the international book fair catalog.  We were so excited! Multiple phone calls and failed attempts at setting up the portal where we could access the information on the contracts, those from DSH kept pointing the finger at other departments, we finally had signed international contracts with June 2017 being the official publication date for the books in those countries (or so we thought).

In the meantime, I had met with Barnes and Noble corporate and they agreed to bring Fabulously Fighting into all 730+ national stores!  This was to happen in July of 2017.  I was busy doing book signings at the local Barnes and Noble stores, we were excited for the international contracts and the release of the books nationwide.  June came and went…..July came and went…..yet no books in the stores or across the world.  DSH said it was the printer/distributor.

August and September….we are promised yet again that the contracts were going through, the books were going to be published…….nope.  October – this time promised by a lawyer from DSH that the contracts were coming in, that the books would be international ASAP.  Once again – lied to.

Born of Fire LogoFinally in November we decided to create Born of Fire Publishing so that I could self publish my own books moving forward.  Once we officially broke ties with DSH, we found out some pretty interesting stuff.  It wasn’t the printer/distributor at all that was holding things up, it was DSH who had broken contract with them, who hadn’t paid any of their self published authors and who was blatantly telling us lies from pretty much day one.

The last two years have been an enormous learning experience.  We have done a ton of research, talked to industry professionals, lawyers, other authors all to build our awareness and knowledge base.  We decided to call the publishing company Born of Fire because it is what Mackenzie’s name means and she is at the center of all we are doing.  So, now as we enter the middle of the fourth quarter of 2018 we are finally on the edge of having Fabulously Fighting in all corporate Barnes and Noble stores and in 33 countries.  We have a few more hurdles to overcome as a newly established business, but we are well on our way.  Stay tuned as there will be more books to come…


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