Meditation is a non-negotiable

Let it goThe mind is like water. When it’s turbulent, it’s difficult to see. When it’s calm, everything becomes clear. Mediation for me was the piece of healing I was missing.  When I started to combine all forms of healing for mind, body, and soul, is when my life started to become clear.  A cancer diagnosis can become the tornado in your life and it can happen in an instant. Mediation has been the key to keeping the waters calm and make is visible to see and think clearly.

I’ll be completely honest, when I don’t make mediation a part of my daily routine the tornado starts to turn and feel like I’m under water. It’s so easy to put other things first and not make yourself a priority. I have done it most of my whole life. When I started to make a list of non-negotiable in my life is when things started to change. It is a daily battle I struggle to find balance with, but I also know deep down that mediation is where I find peace and where I go to put all things in perspective.  As part of my healing I find it necessary. Whether it’s guided mediation or transcendental mediation it is something all of us should make as I non negotiable in our life.  I promise you will never regret 15-30 minutes of all you time.


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