To my Fabulous Fighters

IMG_1054My dearest Fabulous Fighters,

All month long I have been highlighting the people in my life who make my heart full.  Today I wanted to include and highlight all of you. You are the reason Fabulously Fighting exists. You are the reason I work so hard everyday to bring you content and hopefully an understanding ear. When I started Fabulously Fighting I had no idea where it would go, who would listen, or the people I would meet along the way.

My heart bursts with love every time I receive a message from any of you who continue to reach out.  I am honored to know such powerful, strong, compassionate, life changing Fabulous Fighters.

Daily I receive messages, texts, or phone calls from you that validate the Fabulously Fighting movement.   I am surrounded by love 24/7, there is never a moment where one of you is not making a difference in this world.  You are angels on earth. Thank you for being the heart and soul of Fabulously Fighting. Thank you for the support and love you have always shown and continue to show every day.

Wrapping you all in Fabulous love,



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