“How to Look and Feel Amazing Even When Going Through Treatment” with Cancer Fashionista Melissa Berry

IMG_1115My name is Melissa Berry and I’m a fashion and beauty publicist with a family history of breast cancer. I was always diligent about my health and took my risk factors very seriously. Four years ago I heard those unthinkable words during a regular mammogram appointment, “you have breast cancer.” One of my first questions was (in true Fashionista form), “Do I need chemo and will I lose my hair?” I mean seriously. That’s where my mind went. I couldn’t help myself. The way I looked was always so important to me, especially in the fashion industry. Attend a press luncheon with a scarf wrapped around my head? Not happening. Once I got past the initial shock of the diagnosis and treatment (bilateral mastectomy and several rounds of chemo), I decided to figure out how I could look–dare I say pretty–during one of the most de-feminizing chapters of a woman’s life. Behold Cancer Fashionista,™ a go-to resource for the Cancer Fashionista™ in you or someone you love. Oh, by the way, these products are NOT just for breast cancer patients. I don’t have breast cancer anymore (woot! woot!), however, I’m definitely more mindful about the products that I use. I’ll continue to report on the fabulous brands that I find and the people who inspire me. Enjoy! XOXO – Melissa aka Cancer Fashionista

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How to look + Feel amazing…even when you’re going through treatment.

By Melissa Berry, AKA Cancer Fashionista

I can’t tell you how often I have this conversation with my little sisters. The gals who are about to start chemo. About to get their first breast surgery. How the heck do I look like my beautiful self when I’m going through treatment? Well, I’m not gonna lie. There will be times that you look and feel sick. But there are plenty of days that you’ll feel ok! And for some reason….when you look good, you just tend to feel better. Like when you catch yourself in the mirror while running out the door to see your doctor. Here are some of my favorite products to help get you through:

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  1. Lipstick

Ladies, ladies. My beloved Grandma Sylvia (also a breast cancer survivor, may she rest in peace) had a rule, “Never leave the  house without lipstick on. You never know who you’re gonna run into.” I love the Anna lipstick from Salty Girl Beauty.

  1. Deodorant

Cancer-Fashionista-Deoderant.jpgWhether you have breast cancer or not, I believe deodorant is such an important place to start when it comes to cleaning up your routine. My all-time favorite is the Extra Strength Sport Deodorant With Lemongrass and Kaolin Clay from Violets Are Blue  This alcohol-free formula has six essential oil that help with neutralizing odor and smoothing skin. The Lemongrass scent gives you a nice boost of energy too!

  1. I love Ana Ono Intimates. They’ve got amazing post-mastectomy bras but also this beautiful robe.  A wonderful gift!

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  1. Lashes

Thrive Causemetics has these wonderful lashes, along with a paraben free adhesive. Pop Cancer Fashionista Lashesthem on and you feel like a new woman. Especially when your own lashes become thin or fall out completely.




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