Laugh till you cry

IMG_1124As we sat inside a New York City Starbucks with a peppermint mocha in my hand, I couldn’t help but stare at the running words of the Broadway sign. It read: Laugh till you cry.   It kept my attention for what seemed to be hours. I finally snapped a picture of it before heading to our first Broadway show.  I replayed those words in my head all day today. (Laugh till you cry) I started to reminisce of all the moments that I have done that.  Most of which include my hilarious husband. A man who stands by my side wiping away tears when things are rough and wipes away tears when I can’t help but cry from laughing so hard. He is one of my biggest cheerleaders and it was such a pleasure to share this weekend with him.

This weekend was a picture perfect bookend to the crazy and amazing month of October.  From interviews, to speaking on panels, to new and exciting adventures on the horizon. I have lived it all with such joy in my heart.  Feeling the peace that truly comes from doing what you love is such a gift.  It has taken me a long time to get here. A long time of fighting the old me, who took life so serious and forgot to enjoy moment to moment joy.  I haven’t stopped smiling all day. I haven’t stopped planning our future, running my list of new adventures, taking breaths to open the window of my soul and dig deep into the milestones of my life.

Last night I sat in awe of the amazing cast of Summer. I sat with tears in my eyes and a smile in my heart knowing these actors are living out their dreams on that stage.  You can feel love they have for the theatre, for their fellow thespians, for all of the dreams they made a reality.  I sat sandwiched between my husband, a friend of mine for over twenty years, and a new friend.  We all sat enjoying moment to moment joy, living or best life despite all the adversities we all go through. My mind was reeling with snapshots of my life. I realized I am living the life I imaged. I am living in pure joy.

You see my friends, no matter our obstacles, adversities, or short comings. We get to choose to live in joy and laugh til we cry or choose to sit in pity of ourselves and cry into our soup.  No one is immune to joy- it is a choice. As soon as we realize we are are worth it, is when magic happens. You deserve to live your best life my fabulous fighters! What are you waiting for?

Wrapping you all in Fabulous Love,



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