Redefining the goal

Lately I have been doing a lot of self reflection, digging deep to redefine what truly brings me joy and happiness.  It is so easy to get derailed in our goals when our happiness no longer becomes a priority.

In my search for uncovering the principal characteristic of true genuine happiness I found it is having inner peace. Explained that true inner peace is rooted in concern for others which involves an extreme degree of sensitivity and feeling which makes the advantage of redefining mine a high priority.

The question that kept resonating with me is the paradox between why so many people remain unhappy despite having every material advantage and those that remain happy withstanding the most difficult adversities?

I started to make lists of all the things that make me happy. I included people, material possessions, and my strengths. By far the list of people and strengths far outweighed the material things. So why is it we overlook what we already posses when it comes to our happiness?

If you wouldn’t ask your doctor for a prescription for inner peace, then why are we asking for a Louis Vuitton, a BMW or Mr. “Right Now” to bring us happiness?

We have relied so much on external sources to bring us happiness we forget that the only person that can truly make us happy is ourselves.  We can only find true happiness when we establish our inner peace. No external factor can create it.  Meaningful happiness is independent.  There is no denying our upbringing and our circumstances contribute to our experience of happiness. And I’m sure we can all agree that the lack of certain things makes it that much harder to bring us to a state of true happiness. But good friends, health, freedom, prosperity are all helpful and valuable.

But if we develop this quality of inner peace, no matter what adversity we meet with in this life, our basic sense of well being will not be broken.

If the goal is happiness we need to redefine what it really means for ourselves.  For me, making that list was a huge eye opener. I was looking for something I already possessed.  I just needed to dig deeper and reavalute my happiness.

So my Fabulous fighters, if you feel stuck and misaligned with yourself we can always redefine our goals, our lives, and ourselves. We are a continuous work in progress. Just remember inner peace is where you will find your happiness. Speak to your soul, listen to your heart. The absence of noise is where you will find the answers.

Wrapping you all in Fabulous love and light, 

xoxo- Fab 


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