You lift me up

Continuing on with National Gratitude month I reached out to you! I asked and you delivered! 

Look what some of our Fabulous Fighters and Friends had to say about their gratitude and what it means to them. 

Carrie Wu: “Being thankful for everything and everyone in my life ❤️ and spreading love and kindness!”

Michelle Tolson: “Waking up each morning and being kind while passing on my knowledge. Living with intention and purpose.”

Amanda Rockwell: “Being thankful for the all the things, little or big.”

Gloria Smart-Cormick:

G = giving
R = respect
A = awareness
T = time
I = incite
T = truth
U = unity
D = determination
E = empathy

Jeannette Paduchowski: “Just happy to be alive and able to take care of my husband.”

Joan O’connell: “Always be ready to give and make someone else’s day better.”

Leann Deleo Susi:”Being grateful every morning that my feet hit the floor and I live another day to see my boys grow up!”

Carol Fournier:”Being grateful for my husband and my family …. still having my Mom…..and good health.”

Chuck Uglietta: “6 years ago I had 1 foot in the grave and 1 foot on the banana peel, Today I get kiss my wife and son then smile and say “today is a new day” #djchuck

Helene Palmer: “Realizing I am so blessed, my life isn’t perfect but even those whose lives seem perfect feel the same way. Grateful I can make a difference in people’s lives.”

Kim Molleur: ” I am grateful for dog hair on my clothes and wagging tails and cold noses. I am grateful for my supportive husband who puts up with my everyday crazies. I am grateful for good friends and family. I am grateful for the smell of the ocean and the crashing waves. I am grateful for my Pink Sisters who taught me Strength and Hope and Love.”

Kathy Alukonis: “Feeling thankful for everything I have.”

Carrie Meadows: “Grateful for new evidence each day that there is still kindness in the world despite the chaos.”

Anastasia Beaverhausen: “Every day I wake up, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for my crazy dogs. I’m grateful for my boys and that I get to tell them I love them. I’m grateful for a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my belly. I’m grateful that I have a little extra money in my pocket and a lot of love and kindness in my heart to pay it forward. I’m grateful for my pink family and their love and support. I’m grateful for the smell of fall and the sound of crunching leaves under my feet. I’m grateful for the smell of the ocean. I’m grateful to have a job that I love.” ❤️

Robyn Stewart: “I have tried to start re-framing the way I think and that has shown me everyday all the many things – big and small that I have to be grateful for. Instead of saying “I have to go to work” or “I have to make dinner for my family” I now say, “I get to go to work” and “I get to make dinner for my family.” Try it. It works!”

Reading all of your comments makes me grateful for all of YOU! Gratitiude means different things to all of us and that’s what makes this comminuty so special. We not only learn from eachother but we lift each other up in so many ways. Thank you all for sharing and opeing your hearts to all of us. xoxo-Fab 


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