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Meet Inspirational Role Model-Barb Silk

I met Barb about 5 years ago. It was the day I was also formerly introduced to her beautiful daughter, Lissa. Lissa had won a photoshoot with me and Barb was there for moral support. Taking photos of Lissa I could feel the love Barb had for her children. She not only pridefully boasted about Lissa, but all her children. I felt like I was getting to know all of them within the short conversations we were having.  My heart was so full leaving that photoshoot as I knew I had made new friends. Weeks to follow I got to know her entire family better. Her amazing husband Don, her oldest Lissa, her middle daughter Tiffany, and youngest and only son Zach.  You can see Barb is the glue for this family. Along with some major health problems Barb fights through everyday, her family has also been through trauma with their oldest daughter, Lissa.  Barb has been by Lissa’s side everyday as a sounding board, shoulder to cry on, and her biggest cheerleaer and advocate. I have seen Barb put her own health aside to do whatever it takes to to help her entire family.  The beautiful part of this story, you can see how much everyone appreciates her dedication, love, and uneding support. Barb is loved by many, including my family.  Thank you Barb for being the amazing and inspring woman you are. You make this world a better place. Everyone should have a Barb in their life.

Here is what her family had to say about this amazing woman!


If someone asked me to describe the perfect wife, Mother and Inspirational role model I can just point to my wife of 31 years and mother of my 3 kids! Prior to knowing her what I would have described as the perfect person would have fallen way, way short! She has endured multiple surgeries, a major auto accident, persistent medical challenges and deals with constant pain at all times. To look at her or to speak with her- you would never know her history or what physical challenges lie just below the surface. Despite these incredible constant and daily challenges, she has been a wonderful encourager, wife and soulmate and and an unbelievably amazing mother to our 3 children. They way she encourages, supports, helps, counsels, coaches them in all areas of life is the stuff that sainthoods are made of! I cannot imagine a more selfless, loving, supportive and all around super fantastic wife and mother! And I couldn’t be more proud!
If she had her own National Holiday – that would be a good start!-Her #1 Fan and husband

IMG_1181There is nothing short of amazing about my mother. All of my childhood memories I remember her always smiling and having such a joyous presence about her. Little did I know until I was a teenager how much smiling through the pain and CHOOSING to have joy was one of her superpowers. She has battled complicated and dangerous health issues such as meningitis, severe fibromyalgia, several miscarriages, shingles (more than twelve times), a myriad of surgeries, and later a car crash that lead to a risky surgery (that only one surgeon performs in the world) on her spinal cord and years worth of recovery to be able to walk only and ever very short distances again. She is of the small percentage of the population with Ehler-Danlos Syndrome or EDS. Anyone that meets my mom doesn’t realize there is anything ‘wrong’ with her. All they see is her beautiful smile, and feel her warming presence. She volunteers many hours at her local church and meets up with countless women to encourage them and be of any support she can be. Her kindness can warm your very soul just by talking with her for five minutes. She is just one of those incredible women who would do absolutely anything for you and for the people she loves. What a role model she is to me because everyday I see her choose to be happy even when life gets scary, dark and difficult. -Lissa


IMG_1172My mom is much more than a role model that her children aspire to be like. She is a mother to many, she cares deeply for peoples pains, and is always there to celebrate the good happening in someone’s life. She is a true hero. She is stronger than most know. She may suffer from severe chronic pain but she doesn’t let that define her. My mom finds her identity in Christ and knows she is being used where she is planted; and oh, does she shine.

She’s a mother people wish they had, and a mother those want to be like to their children. She’s a daughter that loves and honors.  She loves Jesus with her whole heart. She loves her husband to no end and has a marriage that is an example to so many. You are a shining light to everyone you come near Mom. I love you dearly and am so proud to be your daughter. Thank you for teaching me that our physical bodies can’t stop us from being the person God made us to be. – Tiffany


I can’t imagine what life might have been like without my mom being the amazing person she is. What an unbelievable role model. Growing up, I was privileged to witness her consistently going above and beyond the call of duty for anyone she can. She is someone who always puts the other person first. She never lets a bad day get in the way of doing authentic good in the world. She is a walking example of love-in-action. Look up the definition of selfless in the dictionary. Do it. You’ll see a photo and detailed description of my mother, Barb Silk. I am so, so incredibly proud to be her son. Love you, mom! -Zach

I couldn’t choose just a few photos because all these photos tell a story. Please enjoy the collage I put together of this amazing and inspiring woman we are celebrating today!


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