We are all caregivers

“When someone else’s hapiness is your happiness, that is love.” Lana Del Ray

National care givers month is very special to me. It makes me reflect on the many caregivers in my life. I am forever grateful for the amount of joy and love they bring to my life everyday.

Thinking about a caregiver makes me examine how unselfishly they give of their time, love and happiness.  As a mother, I never consider myself a caregiver. I always say it’s a blessing. But speaking with my husband and family, they don’t consider themselves caregivers either. They consider it a honor to change someones life with the blessings of love and laughter.

We are all caregivers in our on ways. Giving of ourselves to someone or something bigger than ourselves.  I am honored I get to share my message with all of you each and everyday and that I am surrounded by angels on earth.

Have a great day my Fabulous Fighters.




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