Born to be real, NOT perfect.

For a while now I have been working on not only my cookbook, but the idea of a cooking show.  If you know me, you know that any goal I set for myself, I try my best to achieve.  So the plans for my cooking show were put into place, a meeting with my friends at DCAT (Danvers Community Access Television) was scheduled, and Simply Vegan with Fabianna Marie was born.  Now here is where I get real!  I have never done this before and I jumped in with both feet, soaking wet with ambition and eagerness to make this a great first episode. What I didn’t account for was reading from a teleprompter for the frst time, not having a kitchen, SO we have a makeshift kitchen, and I have never hosted a cooking show in my life.

Perfection is my middle name, and as much as I planned, prepared, and prayed- the first show was anything but perfect.  I cried after taping the first show, I cried after recieving the footage and final product, and I am crying as I type this.  Perfection does not exist.  What does exist is a real person trying to make her dreams into a reality and a work ethic that sometimes gets her in trouble with herself.

I wasn’t going to post this show, I wasn’t going to continue to pursue a cooking show, I wasn’t going to give myself a break that I wasn’t perfect.  Then after really digging deep and speaking with the people in my life that lift me up, I got off my perfect-for-1-pity-party and decided that not only will I post the show and be proud of what I accomplished but I will continue to pursue the things I am passionate about and do it knowing I was born to be real, NOT perfect. My life has been an open book with all of you since starting Fabulously Fighting, and I’m not going to stop now.

SO please enjoy the first of many episodes of Simply Vegan with Fabianna Marie

Full recipe posted under recipes- Fab’s Vegan Eats


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