Training for the mind

A runner who is training for a marathon will run hundreds of miles to prepare for the 26.2 mile race. Each week has been planned out month’s in advance to build the proper stamina and speed for the race.  Let’s put this into perspective when it comes to mindfulness and gratitude.

Continuing with National Gratitude month I wanted to share my thoughts on training our minds to think in abundance and gratitude.  There is no race to prepare for when it comes to training our minds for dealing with agitation, annoyance, sadness, anger, depression, or anxiety. Any of these things can strike at any moment.  But it’s all in the preparation and work we do through our mediatation, our gratitude and mindful practices.

Making a concious effort with your practices and trainings will soon take effect and over time return the mind to a clear calm state when any of these adversities strike. It won’t take us 26.2 miles to get there. IMG_1217

The holidays are a great example of why we plan, practice, and prepare.  I hear all the time, “OMG the holidays are here,  I’m so overwhelmed, stressed, and aggrivated.”  If we put the gratitiude practice in place ahead of time it won’t only be Thanksgiving we become grateful it will be all year long.  A burnt pie won’t seem like the end of the world, and your stress level will be managable. You will begin to live in the moment and gratitude will be your best friend.  We often make things so much more difficult than they have to be.  A perfect table with the perfect meal does not make a perfect holiday.  Think about all the amazing holiday memories you have, do any of them involve a perfectly set table? No? I bet you can tell me the people that made the holiday memorable.  So I am challenging you all to put some meditation and gratitude training into place. The next time you get a great parking spot, Thank the universe. The next time someone compliments you, Thank the universe. The next time you get aggrivated and go to gratitude, Thank ME, (LOL) and then the universe.

We are all worthy of an abundant and beautiful life. We just have to put the work in.

Wrapping you all in fabulous love and light,

xoxo- Fab 



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