We are all inspiring Role models

The most powerful leadership tool is your own personal example.

As I was thinking about this month and the list of inspiring role models; I wanted to take this opportunity and talk about YOU. To talk about ALL of us.  We are all inspirations to someone. It is not what we take but what we leave behind, because someone is always watching. I am blessed to be a powerful woman, but it is because I watched a powerful woman growing up. I have many powerful women in my life that I watch, look up to, and admire. We can always learn from one another and the most authentic version of you is why we inspire people.

We are all inspiring role models. We are all gifts to this world. We are all gods blessing on this earth.

So cheers to you, Fabulous Fighters! Thank you for inspiring me everyday and sharing your authenticity with this world.

Wrapping you all in Fabulous Light and Love,


I will be continuing to feature inspiring role models througout November and December. If you have someone in your life you would like to honor please send me a message. 


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