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The secret to a grateful heart

As National Gratitiude month comes to a close I wanted to remind of you of something.

The secret of having it all, is knowing you already do!

I have spoken a lot this month of living in the moment, gratitude, and self love. All ingredients for a great life recipe.  But for this recipe you must not forget any of those ingredients, as they make a perfect combination of having it all.

We often forget to take time for ourselves, to feel grateful for all the moments that make us who we are, and to honor ourselves by loving ourselves unconditionally. The thing to remember is all life’s moments are always teaching us something.  Taking time for ourselves isn’t selfish, its necessary, and being grateful doesn’t just happen.

Being truly grateful means so much more than just a word, it’s a feeling that should be within us always. There is no right or wrong time to thank the universe for all it has blessed upon us. There is no stop watch to having a great life. It already exists, we just have to open our hearts and know we already do.

Wrapping you all in Fabulous light and love,







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