I cheer for people, Do you???

I cheer for people. I believe there is enough sun for everyone.  Lately this has been at the forefront of my thoughs, as I have watched others who may not have this philosophy.

None of us know what the other had been through.  No two people are the same, no two people will ever face the exact same adversity; or react to that adversity the same way. This article was spurred on by an injustice I witnessed this week. I will not disclose personal details about this situation. But I will tell you, I will never understand how we as a society can be so blind and careless when it comes to others feelings. It will never be ok with me when someone puts someone else down to make themselves feel better. It will never be ok to step on, humiliate, and make someone else feel like the dirt on the bottom of their shoe.  None of us know what the other is truly going through. 

No one person is responsible for fixing someone’s  life or catering to toxicity. No one is responsible for being an emotional punching bag for someone else.  No one exists for someone else’s pleasure or to be that persons emotional sponge. Our responsibility is to ourselves and maintain healthy boundries with those who are unhealthy for us.

In a world so divided at this time by political views, ethical views, and even moral views I knows it’s not easy.  We are all reaching for the top but the top is different for all of us. And guess what? No matter what that top is, there is room for everyone.  I started Fabulously Fighting so we can have a community of cheerleaders. A source of inspiration, education, and a whole lot of respect for those who fight through adversity.  I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. In turn you all have made such a difference in mine.

I believe the reason we have two hands is one for helping ourselves and one for helping others. I am an empowered women and I cheer for people who are doing the same. I find joy in watching others succeed. I find joy in helping others succeed.  My wish is that everyone takes on this philosophy. And although I know I can’t change how everyone treats eachother I can do my part to make a difference.  And that starts with MY words and MY actions.

You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do an say makes a difference. SO please let that difference be kind and respectful.

Wrapping you all in fabulous love and light,





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