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Meet Inspirational Role Model-Mackenzie Pinet

Inspirational role models are all genders, ethnicities, shapes, sizes, and ages.  Today I am highlighting a 14 year old young woman who epitomizes what a role model is.  Mackenzie is not only my daughter, but she is one of the kindess and purest souls I know. Wise beyond her years but still young at heart to enjoy her youth.IMG_0576_Fotor

When I was making my list of people I wanted to highlight through out the month, I was thinking one dimensional. When I started to think outside the box of people I admire and look up too one of the first names put on my list was my daughter.  I held off for a few weeks as I didn’t want it to seem as if I was just being a proud and biased mom. (which I am)  But Mackenzie truly is one of my role models.

Mackenzie came into this world with all the love you could possibly ask for.  She also was brought into this world with a mother who was sick and has now watched her mom battle a disease her whole life. Mackenzie has grown up with many adversities and many road blocks along the way.  At a young age she was diagnosed with dyslexia and continues to battle this learnning disabilty. Her life as a dancer started at the age of 3 and although picking up choreography was difficult, she is one of the hardest working children I know. She would come home and practice until her brain and feet would match. When Mackenzie realized she wanted to become a prima ballerina she made the difficult decision to leave the studio and her friends she had been with for 7 years, to attend a strict ballet company. She was determined to learn everything she could and advance quickly. Within a year she was dancing the prestigious role of Clara in the nutcracker and was attending her first ballet competition after only being on pointe for six months. IMG_0558_FotorHer drive not only comes in the form of dance but in her education. Dancing as much as she does, required her to be home schooled. Again she made the hard decision to leave her school and friends to be able to advance her dance career. She is now a straight “A” student and thrives to put her education first with dance a close second. They may even be tied. LOL

Life for her has been anything but conventional. Mackenzie has never taken anything for granted and continues to thrive because of her enormous drive and heart.  Aside from her schooling and ballet, Mackenzie is always ready and willing to lend a hand to anyone in need. Whether it be a fellow dancer, family, or a stranger (which she has given her lunch to) Mackenzie’s heart is always the biggest in the room.  Please help me in recognizing this amazing young women, who is sure to be anything she puts her mind to.




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