Finding your magic

For the past nine years, I have watched my daughter grace the stage in the production of the Nutcracker. From a tiny mouse, to playing Clara, to dancing Chinese, to now dancing the snow scene and in the Spanish trio.  I watch with pride as her magic unfolds on the stage.

Ballet is an extremely difficult job. It takes a lot of physical discipline but it also takes a lot of mental discipline. To move up in the world of ballet you must have the focus and the love. Every performance I watch as she pours her heart and soul into every piece. I watch her night after night stretching and practicing when no one else sees her. I watch her grow as a dancer and as a young lady daily. And when  the chips are down and she feels as if no one sees her, I remind her, Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Mackenzie will succeed in the world of ballet because of these characteristics she poses.  She will succeed because her heart is filled with the magic it takes to do so. We are proud because no matter the role, big or small, she is proud to dance it all. The stage is where she finds her joy, and for any parent, that is the goal for our children.  Fostering her love for ballet has been one of our biggest accomplishments as parents. To shine as bright as she does makes our hearts fill with pride.

Most Sunday’s my article’s are about my cancer journey and what has transpired or inspired my week.   Part of my cancer journey has been to watch my beautiful daughter fulfill her dream. Part of my healing is watching her dance, watching her become the amazing woman she is, and watching the magic fill her heart. This week my magic was to see my daughter take the stage and to do what she loves.

The past month I felt as if I have lost that little piece of magic that keeps me going. The little voice that tells me to just hold on. What I am realizing is that believing in ourselves that we can make anything happen, IS the magic. Mackenzie proves it every time she takes the stage. So let this be a reminder that the world is full of magic, just patiently waiting for our eyes to open wider.

Wrapping you all in Fabulous Light and love,



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