New Year’s and Monday Lies

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? How is the start and promise you make to yourself every Monday? January 1st, what a joke. Monday’s what a joke!  We have been lied to, change is not linear. You have the ability and capacity to make everyday the day you begin again. Why does it have to be a Monday or the start of a the New Year?  Everyday has the potential to be the one where you accept more or less of something in your life. Everyday has the potential to be the best of your life.

Change can ignite or reignite at anytime of your choosing.  So why do we live in a constant state of “I’ve failed.” I’ve failed my New Years resolution of going to the gym 5 days a week. I’ve failed at getting the promotion I was hoping for. I’ve already failed at being keto, or vegan, or on weight watchers, or any other diet fad that comes down the pike —  I say, so what, and call bullshit! Chalk it up to being human and thinking that your success comes in the form of a barbell or diet.  Real change is the ambiguous back and forth that leads us to the places we desire….eventually.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Success isn’t a competition with the world. It’s with yourself. And when you can sit with yourself in silence and be truly happy and content with those accomplishments; that is your success. It’s all in your actions, and the heart and soul you put into that goal.

I am always learning. I learn from educators, my peers but most importantly I learn from myself everyday. I learn from my Mistakes and I even learn from my success. Life is all about learning and growing as a person. I use everything as an opportunity to understand, grow and expand.

My life had been anything but linear, and I can bet neither has yours. Life doesn’t work that way. This is the real world, and the world isn’t doing something to you, it’s doing something for you. But you have to accept that what you are asking for has to be done with purpose and heart. Saying you want to lose weight or get that promotion isn’t enough to say without a whole lot of work, and mistakes, setbacks and yes eventually success.

We are blessed that everyday IS a new day. At any moment you can say this isn’t how I want my story to go. You have the power, and the power isn’t what holds you back it’s what catapults you forward. You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. The first step into your power is deciding you are not going to stay where you are. You hold all the power my Fabulous Fighters.

Wrapping you in light and love,



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