Everything I need is within me

I read this quote at the beginning of the week and it really struck a cord.- “Everything I need is within me.”IMG_1692


Tonight millions of Americans will watch the Super Bowl. We will scream, clap, yell, and maybe even throw things at the TV. The question is, why?  We all want to root for greatness, for something bigger than us? Maybe… But if we really think about this and go deeper, we all want to be a part of something that makes us feel all these emotions. We all want to live that piece of greatness.

How many of us search for outside sources to fill our cups?  We turn to shopping, sports, a friends advise, ask the mailman, our dog walker, we will ask everyone and everything else to fill our cup. Yet we stand in the mirror every morning looking at the person staring back and we never truly look at ourselves and fill our own cup.  We are enough, some of us too much. (Lol) but yet we are searching for someone or something to fill us up.

Tonight 2 teams will play the game of their lives. They will run harder, faster, throw longer and farther. At one point in each of these men’s lives they have doubted and questioned. But these men didn’t make it to the biggest game of their life without knowing, “Everything I need is inside me.” Knowing that they can fill their cup until it runneth over and then fill their teammates cups as well.

You see my Fabulous Fighters, you will never move forward on this journey without knowing how worthy you are. YOU, my Fabulous friends, are one of kind and all you need is that passion inside and the knowledge to know what you have is not only a precious gift to yourself but to the rest of the world.

Stop searching for that someone or something to fill you up. You have all you need inside. You just have to believe.

Wrapping you all with light and love,




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