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I want to hear from you!

For the past few month every Wednesday I highlight an empowering and inspiring woman. It has been such a joy to introduce powerhouse ladies to you all. As I am getting my line up ready for the next few months it came to my attention that I have numerous women I would like to highlight but don’t respond to my invitation. At first I put it on myself why they won’t respond, the feelings of, my blog is to small of a platform for them, or that they don’t take the time to really know who I am. Truth is, it’s not me. They are just not my people, and maybe I’m not theirs.

Fabulously Fighting is all about women empowerment and raising each other up. I have had many conflicted feelings about making this post as I don’t want to be scrutinized for my opinion. But I have promised from the beginning that I would tell you all how I feel and let you in on my life. So here is my opinion. When women support other women, incredible things happen. The reason I started the Wednesday segment was to inspire other women and highlight the amazing and Fabulous things women are doing. The trend I see right now as I reach out to other women and get more bold with my choices, as I have reached out to celebrities, Forbes business owners, radio and TV personalities, and many more in influential positions. Unless their life has been affected by an adversity they actually forget where they came from. How much hard work went into getting to their level. We all start somewhere and I’m sure at one point or another they couldn’t get anyone to answer their emails either. But guess what? I guess they are not my people. I want real women who want to raise other women up. There is room for all of us to succeed and shine light on someone else. I am obsessed with seeing women encourage, support, and empower other women. We need more of it.

So I am asking all of you for help! Send me your stories, or someone you want to nominate for a Wednesday highlight. I want real, fabulous, inspiring powerhouses. We all know them, we all are them! So I am accepting nominations and suggestions. Please send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for all being such Fabulous Fighters and part of this community. I love you all!


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