Strut like you feel Fabulous!

It seemed so fitting that Friday was not only International Women’s Day but was also Susan G. Komen Strut for the Cure. Where women come together to strut for the cause, strut for themselves, and for those who have paved the way before us. As I walked onto the runway, hearing the loud applause, and seeing the faces of my husband and amazing friends my eyes filled with tears. The joy and humbleness I felt in that moment will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Leading up to the event I was feeling less than worthy of being on that runway with other models and beautiful survivors. I questioned my body, my curves, my lack of height, will the dress fit, will the dress look ok on me, will I look out of place, will I feel out of place? Then I realized this show was not about my insecurities, it was about so much more. The event was to not only raise money for the cause I am so passionate about, but it was also about feeling empowered and empowering all of us.

So often we get lost in the negative mindset when putting ourselves out there. We are so quick to judge ourselves and put ourselves down and fall into the rabbit hole of darkness and pity.

I’m just going to be completely honest, being positive and staying in a good headspace all the time when you are used to beating yourself up: it’s not easy. I am the first one to tell someone else how amazing they are, or how to honor themselves with self love. But when it comes to myself, I fall short in basking in the glory of self love all the time. I work on it, and I recognize when I fall into the rabbit, but there is so much more work I still need to do. Healing your mind set is a journey. Even the strongest have weakness.

Midweek I received a message from a new social media friend. She is a curvy lady, like myself, who just entered and won her first pageant. She sent me a message saying after watching me compete at the National Pageant this past August and placing 1st runner up with my confidence, curves and sassiness. She knew she could compete and do it. This message meant more to me than she may ever know. I often forget that people are watching and listening to me. That my words and all that I push myself to do, makes an impact in others lives. This is the reason I started Fabulously Fighting, to make a positive impact in the lives of others. To show the real face behind Metastatic Breast Cancer.

So My Fabulous Fighters, don’t be afraid to be unapologetically you! You never know who you are inspiring. You inspire me everyday.

Wrapping you all in light and love,



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