Organic Lavender Lemonade


Lavender Lemonade

This refreshing twist on lemonade is sure to help with not only your thirst but will help to get rid of headaches and anxiety. 


  • 7 juiced lemons
  • 1 -1/4 cups Blue Agave Nectar
  • 2 drops Pure lavender essential oil
  • 15 cups cold filtered water
  • 2 sliced lemons, let them float in the lemonade


  1. Mix all ingredients together and serve chilled. 

Recipe Notes

Benefits of Lavender: Migraine, headache, and anxiety relief. Clears your sinuses, and helps with circulation. Also helps with menstrual cramps and insomnia. 

Benefits of lemon: Aids in digestion, rejuvenates skin and body healing, boosts energy and mood, alkalizes the body, controls high blood pressure, and improves our immune system. 


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