National Sexual Assault and Prevention month

Welcoming in Spring and April with open arms. It’s been a long winter in New England and we are all ready for warmer weather, birds chirping, and the windows to be open to shed our homes all the germs.

April is also a time for new beginnings as we are coming off of mercury in retrograde. I don’t know about all of you, but March was a rough month. SO here we are, a brand new month, a brand new season, and brand new goals.

When I thought about content this month for the website I always look to see what national awareness causes are being honored for the month. This month is National Sexual Assault and prevention month, National month of Hope, and National Volunteer month. (there are also others) But I wanted to focus on the three that aligned together, which is no coincidence.

Today I want to focus on the start of National Sexual Assault and prevention month, as I am a survivor as is one of my best and dearest friends, and so many others. The fact that we have a month that encompasses learning more about how to protect ourselves is a double edge sword for me. First and foremost we should all feel safe, which we don’t. Second, this should never happen, AT ALL. But the other edge is feeling comforted knowing that we can ban together to create a safer, more informed society when it comes to violence against women.

So today I am going to help to educate and hopefully start the very scary yet empowering discussion of our safety. I am asking you all to share this article and help spread the information. Fabulously Fighting is a safe place to speak freely, help our fellow warriors, and spread awareness of the adversities we face daily.


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