The Unfinished Dream

It is no secret that I am a pageant girl through and through. For those of you who know me, know pageantry has been part of my life since the age of 5. Pageantry has given me confidence, has given me the opportunity to meet and befriend amazing and fabulous women, and has given me the tools to truly dig deep and look at myself from the inside out. Pageantry has also made me question many things, including my self worth. As you know I shoot from the hip and won’t sugar coat how I feel and my personal opinions. For a long time, I put myself in the category of a “has been pageant girl.” I wasn’t until the Miss Pink program that I finally started to feel as if my pageant days we no longer in the “has been” file. Through copious amounts of chemo and my body being ravaged by cancer I actually thought this monster body was not worthy of any attention or praise on a pageant stage. What I have come to realize is my body is my temple, and this body is worthy of all the love and attention I so willingly forgot to give it. Pageantry for me one of the places to show who I truly am; to show my heart and soul. And although most pageants still remain to have a swim suit portion of competition, the winner ultimately is the one who is true to herself and knows who she is.

I have put off announcing my come back to the USA Ambassador pageant for 2 reasons- 1: I was actually concerned how others would perceive a 41 year old, plus size cancer patient, competing, AGAIN. AND 2: I was not sure I could put myself out there one more time. For those of you who follow me, Last year I was announced 1st runner up to the National title holder. It felt like winning! I met amazing women, made lasting friendships, and was able to give a voice to my platform. The USA Ambassador pageant stands for so much, but the biggest draw for me to return and continue to be a part of this organization is because of it’s motto. The SLICC motto: Success through Leadership, Integrity, Character and Confidence. This organization is having a second family.

Being a 14 year Breast Cancer and lupus warrior, you often forget that you aren’t just your disease, we are so much more. So I wanted to go back to my roots, in pageantry, where philanthropy is such a big part. I want to show others that it can be done. There is no mold you have to fit into to finish a dream.

Honestly after last year, I thought I was done, I thought that piece of my life had come to fruition and I had gone as far as I could, or would. But when I really thought about what it is that I want to accomplish, I want to finish this dream. I want to become a National title holder. While the road to success is always under construction, I feel as if I am always finding new pieces of myself to make me whole. And while, a National title isn’t the only piece that is missing in my life, it is still a piece of me. So once again I am taking that leap of faith, and with that could come disappointment or could be the last piece of this unfinished dream. This is a leap I am willing to take as I am whole heartedly in it to win it. I am taking this chance, because honestly no matter where I end up, it always ends just the way it should be. My mistakes and my successes make me who I am. I learn and grow with every choice and every chance I take.

SO my Fabulous Fighters, never give up on a dream. “The worst regret you can have is wondering what could have happened if you just kept going.” – Guilia Molluso

Showering you with Fabulous Love and Light,

xoxo- Fab

For those who are interested in the USA Ambassador program please hit the link below or ask me any questions. I am happy to help in any way, and here for you if you still have an unfinished dream.


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  1. Joan O'Connell says:

    If you feel it, DO IT!

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