Gratitude is a recipe for miracles

Hello Fabulous Fighters! And Happy Easter to all who celebrate this joyous day. 

As I was thinking about the true meaning of Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. 

I thought about how we as humans are given the chance every morning to begin again and have a fresh start. Most people believe that everyday is the same as the last and get caught up in a daily routine that never really serves them. 

What if we started a new day before the cell phones, before the morning coffee, before our feet even touch the floor to practice gratitude. Grateful that our eyes opened, that our hearts are still beating, and that we get the chance to start a new day. What if we resurrected our gratitude every morning? 

When we practice gratitude as a daily habit, we train our minds and emotions to thrive in the face of adversity. 

Honestly I don’t think I would have survived the past 14 years without being grateful for every day, every minute and every second I get to live this life. 

Yesterday I was able to spend a day with some of my warrior sisters celebrating our friend and fabulous fighter who is currently battling. She is the epitome of courage and strength. Her wish was to walk on the beach, have lunch and laughs. So we delivered. 

As we walked along the beach taking photos, enjoying the peacefulness of the ocean and smelling the salt air, I reminded myself to live in the moment and feel the gratitude.  My heart truly exploded with love.  

When we choose gratitude we choose life!  We experience the full meaning of a life well lived.  So my fabulous friends remember that grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.  You are worth it! 

Wrapping you in fabulous light and love, 



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