A gals best friend

Today is National Dog Rescue day! So I wanted to share the benefits of having an amazing companion like my Prince.

Interacting with pets can lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, regulate breathing, and relax tensed muscles. The relationship with your pet benefit both human owner and your pet. Having a pet boosts our mood, helps us ward off depression, and can aid people struggling with mental and emotional disorders. There is a reason why emotional support and service animals are in such high demand. Animals truly make a difference in our lives.

Having prince in my life has been a true blessing. He is my shadow, my cuddle buddy, and always makes me smile. On the days when I am in bed from chemo, lupus, or just sheer exhaustion he is right there comforting me with his warmth. Animals have a way of making you forget pain and calming you. Prince is truly this girls best friend.


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