Ayurvedic Monday

Today I will be discussing one of the three Dosha’s. Stay tuned for the following Monday’s this month as I will be sharing more information.

IMG_1718Kapha, or Kapha Dosha, determines the structure and lubrication of the body and mind. It is the principle that governs the formation of the tissues in the body, which include fat, nutritive fluids, muscles, blood, marrow, reproductive tissues and bones. It also influences your growth, weight and lubrication of joints and the lungs.

Ayurveda encourages maintaining a balance in the structure of the body and fluids. When you have the tendency to become overweight, lethargic, have sinus problems, do not feel refreshed when you wake, have bad hair, and feel you are not as healthy as you wish to be, you need to ensure your Kapha is right.


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