F’ Your Beauty Standards, This IS Fabulous Friday!

For the next few months I will be switching things up and posting recipes on a different day.  Friday’s are going to be directly talking about body image, self and all inclusive acceptance.  This has been on my mind and directly in my path for so long that it would be amiss to not confront and start the conversations around this.

Today I wanted to open up the discussion about body image and how we identify with “beauty standards.”  According to google, beauty is defined as “a combination of qualitites, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic sesnses, especially the sight.” The very fact that the definition only has physical qaulities IS THE PROBLEM! I don’t believe it mentions the qualities of personality? So this means that we as a society have listened and taken this defintion to heart; women and men alike. As a society we do everything we can to acheive this or for some we decide we will never acheive this and therefor we give up on ourselves.

I don’t want any one of you to give up or feel defeated. I want us to feel empowered and change the defintion of “beauty standards”  Fabulously Fighting is a sacred space, and our actions need to remain poistive and be reminders that even in the most difficult times this life is worth fighting for.

The next few months will be a relearning process for all who believe beauty is all they have to offer in this world.  All who are at war with themselves and need community support.

So please stay tuned for FABULOUS FRIDAY’S and the discussions around this topic.


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