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Fabulous Friday

Let’s open today’s discussion with this statement: My existence is not about how desirable you find me. I am not alive for that purpose.

How many of you does this resonate with? I know for myself, prettiness is not rent I pay for occupying space marked, “female.” We don’t owe prettiness to anyone.  True beauty is a gift we give to the world, and that is our inner beauty.

We are women with thoughts and opinions, questions and fabulous things to say.  WE say we are beautiful and strong, no one will determine that for us unless we give that power away.  No one writes our story, but us.

We are “pretty”, beautiful, strong, intellegent, fabulous, dynamic, and so much more.  We must change the conversaton about the way we talk to eachother and ourselves. This will start the change for a world jaded in the perception of “pretty”

Showering you all in Fabulous Light and Love,




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