Scream in terror or enjoy the ride?

The past two weeks have been a roller coaster ride of emotions. From the beginning of Fashion Week when I walked into a scam, that ended in anger and tears to a sold out amazing show last weekend, that ended with a full heart and many opportunities. To ending this week with news I am in a lupus flare and having to go on yet another chemo drug to slow down the progression of my cancer.

I have been mentally exhausted from all the emotional highs and lows, wondering what all this is teaching me.

I have been meditating and spending a lot of time sitting with my thoughts.

Knowing our lives do not move along in a constant, upward trajectory. And by the laws of nature, we simply cannot always be blooming. We are ever evolving and learning.

The difficult times that strengthen us, the quiet times that calm us, the joyous times that renew us. All of it is a constant reminder the world is always giving us life lessons not life sentences. We are not prisoners in the crappy moments unless we choose to be. Realizing rock bottom will teach us lessons mountain tops never will.

So my Fabulous Fighters, let this be a reminder. When the roller coaster of life is at its lowest point it is teaching you patience. It is creating anticipation of the uphill journey you will soon experience. And when you reach the peak and looking at the downward spiral know there will always be another peak to look forward to. We choose whether to scream in terror through the roller coaster of life or throw our hands up and enjoy ride.

Showering you all with love and light,

Xoxo- Fab


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