Yes, This is my life

I have lived with Lupus and Breast Cancer now for over 14 years.  The other day, an especially rough day, I found myself repeating to others who were offering words of sympathy; This is my life.  I followed up by saying, I can choose to cry over these bad days or I can meet these days with a positive attitude that tomorrow will be better.  And while this sounds like a “Polly Anna” way to look at my life situation, it is the truth.  Don’t get me wrong, I cry and have pity parties. But most days I remind myself how thankful I am to be alive, yes even on the really bad days. 

I am thankful that I have educated myself in the wellness field. Which helps my symptoms, and has even given me more of a life expectancy. I’ve been told many times I would not live past 5 years, 3 years…. and so on. In other words my life has an expiration date.  I choose to believe I am not a carton of milk that will go sour and spoil. I choose to believe I am still here for a reason and purpose. Whether that purpose is to show others others it can be done, or to shake the medical field into submission that Naturopathic Medicine has a place in a cancer protocol, or that my journey here on this earth is not complete, maybe it is all these things, We will never know, but I am thankful for it all. 

Today I truly embodied the message I share with others daily, to live Fabulously no matter how you feel or what your circumstance. It was the annual Making Strides Walk Boston. This is my fifth year participating, second year singing the National Anthem, and my First year being asked to kick off the event welcoming Survivors to the Hatch Shell Stage singing a Million Dreams. To say it was surreal is an understatement.  To feel the love and bond we all share because of this diagnosis is a double edge sword.  You never want to hear those words, “You have Breast Cancer.” But to know the community of love and support when you do, is truly something of complete wonderment. 

I have cried and hugged complete strangers, I have listened to powerful and amazing women tell their stories, I have watched my Pink Warrior sisters rally to each others sides numerous times, and I have been a part of watching miracles happen. I wouldn’t bear witness to any of this if it weren’t for This life, MY LIFE. So to anyone wondering how I do it everyday, I just do. I do it for those who can’t.

As we are coming into the month that turns everything pink, lets remember it is not about the color. It is about the army of Fabulous Fighters who bring awareness, who have fought and continue to fight, who raise millions of dollars a year to help find a cure for a disease that turns lives upside down.  

SO YES, this is my life; aches and pains, good days and bad, fighting fabulously in the face of adversity.  To my Fabulous Fighters: Thank you for your courage, your stength, your determination, and your heart. You truly fill my cup and as cliche as it is, “You are the wind beneath my wings.”

Wrapping you all in light and love,



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