Preventative care for Cold and Flu Season

We all know it’s upon us, lerking its ugly head on your grocery cart, your children, even on your money. Let’s be honest: IT’S EVERYWHERE! The flu season usually starts in October and can last as late as May. 8 months for us to be subjected to a cold, an infection, and the flu. Many opportunities for us to contract 1,2, 3 or even more cases of seasonal illness. This year the spike in respitory illness is rising and we need to be proactive in our health.

There a many steps we can take for prevention but the most influential is in the air we breathe during these months. It starts in our own home. We can also use preventative methods for the air we breathe ouside our homes.

The last thing we want is to be sick and in bed for days to weeks at a time mssing out on work (money) time with our family, and missing out on life. (holidays are coming up) SO who wants to be proactive with their health naturally?

I have developed a cold and flu blend that works for prevention and quick healing. Many of my cients are using it now and seeing amazing results!

Orders going out daily! Message me for yours today.

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