MBC Isolation and education

In a society and month focused on early detection and survivorship, those of us living with metastatic breast cancer, who will live the rest of our lives in treatment, this month can feel isolating and frustrating.     But dealing with an incurable illness and the side effects of our treatments aren’t the only burdens us MBC patients have to bear. Many of us have to educate others about our disease, explaining over and over that no, the scans, blood tests and treatments will never come to end.  

This is a call to action for education, funding and awareness to be at the forefront of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Giving us one day during the month of October to talk about the disease that has no cure, is not enough. MBC fighters, fight 365 days a year. 

Let’s educate ourselves and others on the importance of funding for MBC research. I’m asking for your help. Nothing changes IF nothing changes. SO now is the time for change and to arm ourselves with an arsanault of useful information. 

Please continue to share and make the desinged ribbon your profile picture on social media outelts. We need to start conversations around MBC and this will help to spread the word.


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  1. Eugene Briel says:

    To all those woman out there in the world living with “MBC” my heart felt felt prayers are with you all. You are all FABULOUS FIGHTING WOMEN.
    May “GOD OUR FATHER, JESUS CHRIST and THE HOLY SPIRIT” enter you all and cure you of this terrible illness. AMEN.

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