Goodbye Pinktober- The best is yet to come!

The last Sunday in October and what a month it has been! From interviews, to webinars, to important partnership meetings, to numerous events. October did not disappoint.

The running theme this month has been evident and I would be amiss to not discuss it. Every interview or conversation around breast cancer, I spoke about MBC (metastatic breast cancer) I spoke about the lack of funding, I spoke about the incurable disease that will continue to take lives until we have a cause to why breast cancer spreads, I spoke about the anger around the misunderstanding or no understanding of what MBC really is. It astounded me to feel in most interviews that most are unaware of what MBC really is and how it effects the breast cancer community. So this is why the work we are doing is so important and needed. October is more than the color pink, it is so much more than a key chain you buy or a pretty pink pompom at a football game.

October IS awareness month but for those of us living with this disease, it’s 7 days a week – 365 days a year.

The advocacy doesn’t stop because October is coming to an end. Until there is a cure for MBC our work isn’t done. This past week has been a crazy and unbelievable blessing. Somehow the universe always delivers and transpires for us. So the universe transpired to create new opportunities and blessings and booked my calendar with events that would fuel my vision.

I have been working diligently on some projects behind the scenes and these projects are coming to fruition in ways I only dreamed of. For the past 4 years Fabulously Fighting has established not only a following of Breast cancer thrivers and their families but we have reached so many who are going through so many other adversities. Fabulously Fighting was established tonot only share my cancer journey but wanting to help others find their voice in this community. It has turned into so much more. This community continues to grow and is starving for the next chapter in our journey.

This has fueled my fire to move forward and start up informational wellness seminars, retreats, and even our own non-profit (which I will explain more in weeks to come) This coming year is going to be a fabulous transformative year full of growth, partnerships and development. We are just breaking ground on the exciting opportunities.

The Fabulously Fighting community is strong and I want to thank you all for the love and support you have shown over the last 4 years. Change does not happen by repeating the same, change happens when we use our voices and stand in our power. Fabulously Fighting will continue to evolve and make that change happen. Stay tuned the best is yet to come.

Wrapping you all in Fabulous love and light,



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  1. Dawn Eger says:

    Love you are beyond Fabulous in all ways possible… and you are just getting started!

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