I dare to self care…

I work hard on the relationship I have with myself. The way I speak and look at myself. Knowing what I give power to, has power over me.

I have been known to be harsh on myself and to myself, so having a healthy relationship with myself is so important.

When you are confronted with your own mortality at a young age it’s easy to get stuck in the web of pity party and self loathing. When you feel your own body has betrayed you, the negative self talk can bring on a life of its own. I work daily to love myself and the vessel that keeps me afloat.

This article has been on my mind all week because I fell into the trap of negative self talk and in-turn started down the path of self loathing. I would look In the mirror and point out every flaw on my face, I would change my clothes 3 times before choosing an outfit that I settled on after ridiculing my body for every lump and bump. The negative thoughts about myself over took the positive ones and I found myself in this downward spiral. I was sinking the vessel that has kept me afloat with my hateful words.

The good news is, I caught myself before the ship went down.

Am I happy with my body and the way it looks? Not always. But I am proud of this body for keeping me alive and all it continues to go through.

I know I have written about this before and I know I most likely will again… this topic is not uncommon for anyone. But as a cancer fighter this topic is more prevalent than most want to admit. Because although we are fighting an incurable disease, most believe you should just be happy that we are just alive. Why worry about how you look?

But the truth is, we all want to feel beautiful, more so when you have a disease that ravages your body. It’s not easy to love a body that has betrayed you in a way.

Self love is not an over night process. It is a daily process. It’s letting go of the idea of perfection. It’s loving your flaws and never apologizing for them. Celebrating your true self. The cracks that let the light shine, the unique lines that tell your story, the beautifully broken pieces that reveal the authenticity of you.

I continue to work daily on my dialogue and loving the women I have become. And I encourage you all to do the same. We are beautiful beings that get wrapped up in our own sabotaging thoughts. But we can change that at any moment. Reminding ourselves that being authentic is the most beautiful thing we can be.

Wrapping you all in Fabulous Love and light



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