What to do when you have a bad cold

Our house had been hit with this nasty cold. Mackenzie and I have been down and out since Sunday. I wanted to share some great tips for getting back on your feet quickly and during the worst days.

Elderberry Syrup- is a staple in our everyday life but we up the dosage when we are hit with the cold.

Vegetable soup- This classic dish helps to clear your lungs, moisten your nasal passage, prevent dehydration and sooth inflammation.

Hot Tea- Green Tea is especially effective in soothing a sore throat, alleviating congestion, and preventing dehydration.

Citrus Fruits- When I am sick I always crave fruit. So it is especially helpful to eat oranges, lemons, grapefruits,and other citrus fruits which heps to boost your immune system.

These are just a few ways to help you while you are fighting through this cold and flu season. But my best advice is to be proactive with your health so check out-https://fabulouslyfighting.com/fabssential-wellness/


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