The gift of the Present

“Don’t cry over the past, its gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful.”-unknown

One of the hardest things to do is live in the present. The reason its called the present is because its a gift. Every moment of everyday should be seen as a gift. More often than not when I am on social media I read bitching about the smallest things. “This guy cut me in line at the drive up for my coffee,”  or “my kids are driving me crazy I can’t wait to see christmas come and go.”

I find myself reading all the negativity and get caught in the trap of over thinking the negative and not focusing on the positive. I have learned in the past 14 years of fighting cancer that nothing else matters other than the here and now. Yesterday is over and tomorrow hasn’t happened. Worry is a useless emotion. It does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength. I don’t know about you but I need all the strength I can to fight not only my cancer but fight for my life. Trivial things no longer matter and the beauty in the moments of the days I am still here is what matters most.

What if we all stopped for a moment and thought about what if we weren’t here to have any of these moments. What if we didn’t have money to be in the line for our heaven in a cup,or what if we couldn’t have children to drive you crazy and share beautiful memories with, or what if we weren’t here at all to have any of this beautiful life. It is so easy to get caught in the trap of being a “negative nelly” because its what has become more of the “norm.” We read it, We see it, and sometimes we are a part of it. I am not immune to having those days where I want to yell and scream and think negative thoughts and tell people where to go and where to stick it. We all have those days but putting it out on social media is only bringing about more negative energy.

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become you words. Keep you words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”- Mahatma Gandhi

You are worth every positive thought and all of the gifts the present has to offer. So lets challenge each other to keep the positivity spreading. There is no time better than in this moment, the season of giving. Lets all give the gift of making a better today.

Wrapping you in the beautiful love of the holiday season,

Dr. Fab xoxo


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