If I am being honest, I have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s.  Everyone making resolutions and putting pressure on ourselves to be more, do more, shake off the year that has just passed us.  Wishing away the memories of yesterday and hoping for a better outcome in the year ahead.  But what if it didn’t have to be a switch we flip on New Year’s Eve. What if we started to live in the moments and appreciate the here and now, stop hoping for a better tomorrow and make the moments we are in now, magical. 

You can change your outcome at any moment, you don’t have to wait until a New day, a New Year, or  a New Decade.  The mind shift can happen in any moment. 

I have learned to be present in the moments and stop counting down to a new day.  Is every day perfect? No.  Are there going to be realllyyyyy crappy days?? Absolutely! It’s called life. And we can choose to live it, or wish it away and countdown to the next. I prefer to live and let father time do his job without bringing attention to time passed. 

I may have a different perspective as life with cancer (or any disease)changes you. It brings awareness to time, and how fast it can go. I no longer make New Year’s resolutions I make life resolutions.  I want a fulfilling and memorable life. So I stop wishing away today, and live in the moments God has chosen to give me. I reflect on the amazing memories I have shared with loved ones in the past year. Celebrate the good times and thankful for the bad ones that have made me stronger and taught me life lessons. Looking back on 2019 I have so many amazing memories, and I know 2020 will not disappoint. Time is valuable and I choose to make the most of all of it. More laughter, less tears. Genuine valued friendships. Hard work, Success, and making time for the things that matter most. Let’s busy ourselves with loving our life and no longer fill our time with hate, regret, fear, or wishing away the moments. Let’s have 20-20 vision and see clearly that our outcome is our choice. Happy New Year Fabulous Fighters!!!  


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