Be a Starfish

As I was reading this story I had that aha! moment. The moment you know that your old way of thinking is no longer working for you. For so long the purpose of Fabulously Fighting has been to help as many people as possible.  To help the masses in the cancer community and beyond. This way of thinking has made me question and beat myself up mentally, many times. Lately I have been in a constant state of, questioning my worth.  Feeling as if I am not doing enough or helping enough people. Sometimes working myself sick.  I look at blog numbers; who is reading and who I’m reaching. I question my work and who I am helping, getting caught in the trap of bigger being better. 

The truth is, if I have helped one person, I AM doing it! I am helping to make someone’s day brighter or helping so that one person doesn’t feel alone in this world.  

I cannot do ALL the good in this world, but the world needs all the good I CAN do!  So today and every day from here forth I will continue to do what I can for others. I will continue to put myself out there for you, and anyone who needs to hear my story, my words of encouragement, see my recipes, use my products, or pick my brain of knowledge. I am here for you all.

Our Fabulously Fighting community may be small but we are mighty! So if you are questioning whether you are making a large enough impact, DON’T, because helping one person is a snowball effect. It means you are helping more. 

Be a starfish- Share your amazing beauty, put yourself out there, stay in touch, hang tight through the changing tides. When things get rocky and you question yourself, find your sweet spot because you’ll always be a star to someone. 

Wrapping you all in Love and Light,



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  1. I love it. We the mighty starfish – utterly otherworldly and so misunderstood yet when was the last time anyone saw a LIVE starfish. Sadly it’s been quite a while since visiting the Seaquarium and looking at them stuck to the six inch thick glass as I walked into the tunnel leading to the interesting stuff in the lower depths. Kind of like a CT Scan come to think of it.

    I stopped looking at WP statistics regularly long ago. They mean nothing but I know what impact all of my virtual friends have on my world and like a starfish stuck to the bottom of that gazillion gallon tank, I may be there for all to see but only those who really want to see will visit me, and with automatic understanding we barely need say a word, but here we must so I leave you in the quiet understanding as we each attach to a coral surface and let the tumultuous waves at the surface leave us unscathed until next time,.

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