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Meet the founders of The DreamWalk Fashion Show

I met powerhouses Alyse and Lexi over social media. I was lucky and blessed to be able to get to know them a bit more when I was chosen as one of their DreamWalker’s this past September at New York Fashion Week. They are genuine, inspiring, and fabulous ladies with hearts of gold. Thank you ladies for sharing your time with me and participating in this interview for our readers. Keep reading to the end as there is a special annoucement for you to get involved with DreamWalk!

Tell me about yourselves. How did you ladies get started on your career path and what do you hope to accomplish.

Alyse and Lexi Scaffidi are South Jersey sisters determined to make a difference. Known for their delightful and colorful social media presence as @bitesizedfitness and @bitesizedsis, the duo’s goal is to promote inclusivity, healthy lifestyle, and positive vibes to through their content. 

Alyse, 29 year old, Pharm D and Lexi, a 27 year old accountant, definitely do not look like your average business women. They are lovers of fashion, traveling, and family time! Over the past 3 years, they have been working on expanding their body inclusive DreamWalk Fashion Show which is a new type of show with diverse models, wild fashion, musical performances, and art installations!

What has been the biggest turning point in your lives?

The biggest turning point in our lives was back in 2017 when the 1st ever DreamWalk Fashion Show recap video went viral. The show received over 45 million views on social media and was featured in over 120 articles online, mainly as the “Anti-Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show”. At this moment, we knew DreamWalk needed to continue and needed to grow.  

Who has been the most influential person in your lives?

@BiteSizedMom is easily the most influential person in our lives.  From the beginning, she’s always been our biggest supporter and team cheerleader. Not to mention, she’s the most fabulous 62 year old we know! Our mom has such a youthful spirit and adventurous soul, so it’s always refreshing to have her in our corner. 

What has been your biggest fear? How did you ladies overcome, are you still working on it?

Whenever you start something new, you’re constantly afraid of being rejected. When we first came up with the idea of creating a “body inclusive” fashion show, nothing like it existed. It was difficult to get people to support our idea and there were times where we weren’t sure if we’d ever succeed. Fortunately, we overcame these fears by leaning on each other and focusing on the positive change we were making in each Dreamer’s life.  

What is the best advice you can give someone who is not sure they can move on from trauma?

It’s not going to be easy and it will take time, but you can get passed it. After years of hosting our show, we’ve listened to many people say that the best way to make a change in your life is to first realize you are strong enough to be that change. And if you aren’t strong enough at the moment, then there is zero shame in asking for help. 

What would you like YOUR legacy to be? 

We want to be remembered as two sisters who helped bring awareness to inclusivity and diversity by helping people of all shapes, ages, ethnicities, genders, sexualities & abilities live out their dreams of rocking a runway. 

What is next for you and for DreamWalk?

We’ll be hosting the next Body Inclusive DreamWalk Fashion Show in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday, May 9th. If you’d like to be a part of the show, then please go to our website and apply online today!

Please follow these two Fabulous Ladies and their continued success! Below you will find their social media links and links to their website.

DreamWalk’s Website – www.dreamwalkfashionshow.com 

DreamWalk’s Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/dreamwalkfashionshow/

Alyse’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bitesizedfitness/

Lexi’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bitesizedsis/


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